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KOUGODO is a Japanese Kakejiku and Byobu artisanal studio, established in 1923 by my grandfather, Tameo.  KOUGODO has its office in Sakurai City, a city believed to be the center of early Japan, in Nara Prefecture. I am the third owner of KOUGODO, and am accredited by the Japanese Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property, as a Grade 1 Hyogu Master.  I provide high-quality repairs and restoration of Japanese works of art. You are sure to be satisfied with our services.



Hello! My name is Toshio Shimaoka, the store owner and Grade 1 Hyogu Master. Your satisfaction is very important to me. I will do my best to accommodate my customers’ wishes. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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【 Work of Hyougushi 】

Hyougushi(Hyogu Master)is treating the interior decoration of a Japanese-style room at large.

For example Kakejiku・Gaku・Byoubu・Tsuitate・Fusuma・Urauchi ・・・

Explain each briefly!


【 Kakejiku (Japanese hanging scroll) 】


This is the most typical work of Hyougushi.

At the repair and restoration,I usualy repair

the honshi (part of calligraphy or picture).

And I make a Kakejiku with new cloth.

However I sometimes repair the honnshi and

cloths around the honshi.



【 Gaku (Framing) 】

There are two types of Gaku as a rule of thumb.

One is wide,another one is long.
In Japan,the former is placed above Fusuma (Sliding door) and the latter is hung on the wall.



【 Byoubu (Folding screen) 】

Byoubu type is 6 panels,4 panels and 2 panels and so on.

The repair and restration of byoubu is very expensive.




【 Tsuitate (Screen) 】

In Japan,we place Tsuitate at the entrance or between rooms .

We use it as brief partitioning, blindfold of the room.



【 Fusuma (Japanese style sliding door,Sliding paper-door )】

In Japanese architecture, Fusuma is used as a partition of the rooms like Tsuitate.

However, we can divide a room into two completely with Fusuma. It is a difference from Tsuitate.



【 Urauchi (Backing) 】

Urauchi is work to put paper on the back side of the honshi (calligraphy or picture)with paste.

Urauchi is the most important work of Hyougushi.

In every work of Hyougushi, there is a process of Urauchi.