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KOUGODO is a Japanese Kakejiku and Byobu artisanal studio, established in 1923 by my grandfather, Tameo.  KOUGODO has its office in Sakurai City, a city believed to be the center of early Japan, in Nara Prefecture. I am the third owner of KOUGODO, and am accredited by the Japanese Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property, as a Grade 1 Hyogu Master.  I provide high-quality repairs and restoration of Japanese works of art. You are sure to be satisfied with our services.



Hello! My name is Toshio Shimaoka, the store owner and Grade 1 Hyogu Master. Your satisfaction is very important to me. I will do my best to accommodate my customers’ wishes. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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【 How to order 】
I explain procedure how I accept your order of repair and restoration of your kakejiku (Japanese hanging scroll) in this page.

 ・At first, I confirm your request by e-mail.
So you read the page of【How to inquire】carefully, write a necessary information in detail, attach some photographs in your e-mail.

 ・I estimate repair and restoration of your kakejiku.
After I confirm your e-mail and photographs, I will present the estimates of your repair and restoration of your kakejiku and approximate date of delivery in 10 days. Please understand that the estimates to present is an "outline"

 ・You send your kakejiku to my studio.
If you consent the estimate that I present and you think to repair and restore your kakejiku, please send your kakejiku packing up firmly to my studio.

Hyougushi Kougodo  Shimaoka Hyouguten



 ・I send you an e-mail that I receive your kakejiku.
After I receive your kakejiku, I confirm your kakejiku and send you an e-mail that I receive.

 ・I estimate repair and restoration of your kakejiku again.
So I confirm your kakejiku, I will present the accurate estimate in 10 days. The estimate may be higher or lower than before or same.

 ・I get to work, if you consent the estimate.
I get to work according to the estimate.
However you give up the repair or restoration of your kakejiku because the estimate is higher than before, I send back your kakejiku to you and I pay for your shipping.
If you give up the repair or restoration because of your convenience even though the estimate is not higher than before, you pay for your shipping.


Please send me two or more high-quality photographs as much as possible to make an accurate estimate.