Hyogu studio Kougodo

KOUGODO is a Japanese Kakejiku and Byobu artisanal studio, established in 1923 by my grandfather, Tameo.  KOUGODO has its office in Sakurai City, a city believed to be the center of early Japan, in Nara Prefecture. I am the third owner of KOUGODO, and am accredited by the Japanese Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property, as a Grade 1 Hyogu Master.  I provide high-quality repairs and restoration of Japanese works of art. You are sure to be satisfied with our services.



Hello! My name is Toshio Shimaoka, the store owner and Grade 1 Hyogu Master. Your satisfaction is very important to me. I will do my best to accommodate my customers’ wishes. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Thank you for dropping in at the homepage of KOUGODO.

KOUGODO is a Hyogu studio.

“Hyogu” is a general term for constructing items such as Japanese hanging scrolls, Byobu screens, and Fusuma (Japanese style sliding doors). A Hyogu Master will turn hand-painted works of art or calligraphy pieces into hanging scrolls or screens, using ornate textiles and specialized papers. A Hyogu Master will also provide restoration services.

KOUGODO was established in 1923 by my grandfather.  I am a third generation owner with over 30 years of experience. I received my training and apprenticeship in Kyoto, before returning to my home town of Sakurai City, in Nara Prefecture.

I am trained in the restoration and conservation of Japanese hanging scrolls (Kakejiku), Byobu Screens, and Framing (Gaku).  I am also an accredited member of the Japanese Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property, and am registered as a Grade 1 Hyogu Master.

Are you troubled with any of the following problems with your heirloom antique, or a new acquisition from an art auction?

  • Torn or aged textile borders of Kakejiku
  • Loose and unglued paper linings of Kakajiku
  • Damaged paper or silk paintings with creases, holes, or stains


I can expertly restore it for you so that you can proudly display it again.  Please contact me, if you have an old Japanese work of art that needs special attention.